Becoming a 21st Century attorney will take attorneys down a road that will empower them to be able to give more comprehensive advice. It’s a road that is more profitable. It’s a road that will make life more enjoyable for all (the attorney, his/her family, and the staff of the law firm).

The journey will be exciting and exhilarating, but it’s a road that most attorneys have never been down before.  As such, attorneys who choose to take this career-changing journey, help will be needed.

The 1st step in the journey to become a 21st Century attorney is to download and read cover to cover our book 21st Century Attorney. Click here to read (the book literally has a roadmap for readers to follow)

For many, the 2nd step will be to find a mentor to help determine the best way to implement the 21st Century attorney business model.

For many, the 3rd step will be to work with consulting companies to implement the 21st Century attorney business model.


As you will read about in the book, there are three different ways to implement a 21st Century attorney business model.

One is an in-house model, one is a hybrid model, one is an outsource model.

While reading the book can be very instructive, it can only cover so much. Many who desire to implement the 21st Century attorney business model will want to discuss the various models with an expert who is familiar with all three.

As part of a mentoring process, it is important to get to know each attorney/law firm in a fairly in-depth manner. This is necessary so an appropriate recommendation can be made and so the attorney can feel comfortable that he/she fully understands the pros and cons of each model before a decision is made as to which model to implement.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, and Harry Barth, JD, co-authors of 21st Century Attorney decided before writing the book that they would act as mentors and support persons for attorneys who wanted to take the journey to transform their businesses as outlined in the book.

If you would like to talk with either Roccy or Harry, email or call 269-216-9978 to set up an introductory phone call.


There are really two forms of consulting that an attorney who wants to implement the 21st Century attorney business model could use.

The 1st form of consulting will be the strategic partners that will be needed in order to “best” implement the 21st Century attorney business model.

The 2nd form of consulting will come in the form of design work, e.g., how to best design certain plans for clients. While there is no doubt that over time attorneys who implement this business model will excel at design work, in the early phases of implementation, working with various consultants is prudent to make sure the best outcome for clients can be achieved.

Both Roccy and Harry will make their strategic partners available to those who want to implement the 21st Century attorney business model, and they both will be available as needed to consult on specific client situations.

If you would like learn about the strategic partners that Roccy and Harry recommend, or if you would like to discuss a specific client’s situation, email or call 269-216-9978.