Strategic Marketing Partners

SMP brings unique resources to attorneys who would like to improve their marketing. The list of marketing tools includes templated websites, e-newsletter systems (with content), customer relationship management software, investment risk tolerance software, ability to write the foreword for client education books, landing page creator software, mortgage acceleration software, and more.

Wealth Preservation Institute

The WPI is an educational company that teaches advisors of all kinds on asset protection, income tax planning, advanced estate planning, corporate structure, life insurance, annuities, investment risk, long-term care, disability, ESOPS, charitable planning, and much more.

Medicaid Planning
Medicaid Planning.org

MedicaidPlanning.org is an educational website that focuses solely on educating consumers and advisors of all kinds on the vitally important and complex topic of Medicaid Planning. Advisors can receive one-on-one mentoring as well as individual case-design support on clients who need help with Medicaid planning (including critical-need planning).