The 21st Century attorney business model will require attorneys to learn new concepts and products.

A good way to get up to speed on several of the concepts and products is to read several of Roccy DeFrancesco’s books.

Peace of Mind Planning: Losing Money is No Longer an Option

Retiring Without Risk

Bad Advisors: How to Identify Them; How to Avoid Them

The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide

The Home Equity Management Guidebook

The Home Equity Acceleration Plan

The books will give attorneys a decent amount of baseline knowledge.

In addition to the books, we believe that in-person training can play a key role in helping attorneys learn the nuances of the concepts and products they will be recommending as they provide advice under the 21st Century attorney business model.

With the initial launch of the book we do not have any in-person seminars planned.

We intend to offer half-day, full-day, and multi-day in-person training.

If you are interested in attending training so you can transition your practice to the 21st Century attorney model in an accelerated manner, email or call 269-216-9978.

We will put your name on a list and when we start offering in-person seminars, we will let you know.

Finally, a good way to have Roccy DeFrancesco or Harry Barth come to your local area for a seminar is to have it sponsored by your state or local Bar association.  Feel free to forward your state Bar to this web-site and suggest that they get in touch with us to discuss putting on a seminar based on the 21st Century Attorney book.