Transform Your Law Practice

What do attorneys think of when they read the title to this page?

Transform your law practice into what?

Ask yourself if your law practice has several of the following characteristics:

1) It’s expensive
2) It’s not overly profitable
3) It’s not client-focused (it’s about secular problem-solving not comprehensive solutions)
4) It’s not overly rewarding or enjoyable

21st Century Attorney is a ground-breaking book that will help attorneys transform their law practices into one that has the following characteristics:

1) More revenue
2) Less stressful work life
3) Increased quality of life

12 months to peace of mind and profitability

We guarantee that attorneys who implement one of the three business models outlined in the book will be able to transform their law practices within 12 months.

Flexibility is not something normally associated with law practices.

-Estate planning firms do estate planning.
-Personal injury firms do tort cases.
-Patent firms do patent work.
-Corporate firms do corporate planning work.
-Defense firms do defense work.
And so on….

-Large firms deal with many different areas of law.

It doesn’t matter what type of law firm you are (except bankruptcy), if you have clients, you can implement the 21st Century practice of law model and we guarantee it will change your life for the better.

There are few defining moments in one’s career. Choosing to implement or not implement the 21st Century attorney business model is one of those moments.

Innovate or die—while attorneys who do not implement the 21st Century attorney business model will not die because of it, many attorneys who do not implement the model will be forced to leave the business and many who stay will simply be miserable.

Don’t be miserable—be happy!

There really isn’t much more to say except read the book (click here to download your copy for FREE) and make your life’s choice.

We hope you will choose a path that is best for your long-term success; and if that is the case, we look forward to hearing from you after you read the book.

If you have any questions while reading the book, feel free to email or call Roccy DeFrancesco, JD directly at 269-216-9978.